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To add a new EOR employee on Remote, you can do this from the Team or Onboarding tab. When adding them on the platform, you can decide to send out their invite immediately or save their profile as a draft and invite them later. 

Add a new employee

  1. Go to the Team tab.
  2. Click on the Add new button. 
  3. Choose Add new hire, the type of hire (in this case, employee) and the entity they'll be hired in which is Remote's entity.
  4. It will prompt you to fill out details of this employee's employment. 

  5. As you go through the different sections, you can see how much progress you've made and you can also go to the previous page to make changes. When you move to a new section, the details you've filled out in the previous section are saved automatically. If you have to exit before completing the employment details, you can always find the employee's profile in the Onboarding tab and continue from where you left off. 


  6. When you've completed all the sections, on the last page, you will have the option to either Save draft or Invite now. If you save their profile as a draft, you can always retrieve it from the Onboarding tab then send out the invite. 
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  7. When you invite an employee to Remote, they receive an email notification to create an account and fill out their administrative details. They do not automatically receive a contract. 
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