How do I offboard an employee hired by my company from the Remote platform?

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In Remote, you can use our HR Management product to offboard an employee who has been employed via your own legal entity.

How to offboard an employee hired by your company in Remote

  1. Navigate to the employee’s profile and then click Offboard employee.

  2. From there, you'll be guided through a four-step flow to add the details you wish to capture about the offboarding.  

  3. On the first step, add the primary offboarding details, including: 
    • Offboarding type - either resignation, termination, or mutual agreement
    • Offboarding reason - for example, personal reasons, performance, or compliance issues
    • Last day of employment
    • Last working day
    • Any documents related to the offboarding
    • Any additional notes you want to keep with your records

  4. On the second step, you can add additional information, including: 
    • If the employee is being offboarded during their probation period
    • If the employee will be working through their notice period or will receive pay in lieu of notice
    • Whether the offboarding is regretted (and the employee is in good standing) or non-regretted
    • If you would re-hire the employee in the future
    • When the offboarding was communicated (either when the employee notified you of their resignation or when you notified them of the termination)
    • The employee's personal email address, for post-offboarding communication

  5. On the third step, you can input any final payment details, including:
    • Information about paid time off taken
    • Information about severance pay, if any
    • Whether the employee is due any additional payments
    • Whether the employee has any outstanding payments to the company

  6. On the final step, you can review the offboarding details.  Then, click Submit to save the offboarding record.

Your company users with the right permissions will be able to view and edit the offboarding information.

After the termination date has passed:

  • The employee's profile will be set to inactive, archived, and terminated.
  • Your offboarded employee can still log in, but won't be able to submit any expenses or PTO.

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