Step-by-Step Guide: How to sign contractor agreements on behalf of others

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With the introduction of per procurationem, our goal is to facilitate legally binding signatures by one individual on behalf of another, simplifying the signing process. This feature will expedite the signing of contractor contracts and ultimately the contractor onboarding process.

A company member can sign a contract per procurationem during either of the below stages:

  • During the onboarding of new contractors
  • During the onetime signing of contractor agreements
  • During the bulk signing of contracts

To use this feature, the respective company member has to be assigned a special permission named “contract-document-sign-by-procuration".

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Company Owners and Super Admins have the contract-document-sign-by-procuration role granted by default in the permissions field.

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When a company member opens the Sign the contract modal, the company owner's name is selected by default in the Select signee field. The Your name input may be changed at any time, but we advise company owners to use only their signature.

For example, if the owner of Company A (Almina) usually signs all the contractor agreements. With this new feature, Patrick, who is the HR at Company A, can now sign the contractor agreement on behalf of Almina. When Patrick opens the sign contract pop-up, Almina's name is shown by default. Patrick can then choose to select their name from the dropdown in the Your name field and sign the agreement. This way, the onboarding process is not delayed.

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If a company member wants to sign the contract on behalf of another user, you need to select your name from the Select signee field. The available signees are company signatories.

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Once done, an email is sent to the company member on whose behalf the contract was signed with the link to Documents → Contracts tab.


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