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Onboarding a contractor with Remote is straightforward. With Remote, you're able to onboard, pay, and manage contractors in 170+ countries.

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Getting Started

  1. To add a contractor, go to the Team tab on Remote.
  2. Click on Add new hire.
  3. When you choose Contractor you will be prompted to fill out their employment details.
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  4. You can choose to schedule invoices for the contractor.
  5. If our localized contract is available in the contractor's country, you will have the option to use it.
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  6. When you choose to use Remote's localized contract, you also have the option to edit the contract template as you need.
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  7. If you are the designated signatory of the contract and you are ready to sign it, click on the Sign button. This will open up a modal for you to sign the contract electronically.
    If you would like to assign someone else at the company as a signatory of the contract, click Assign a signatory. This will allow you to select another company representative from the list of company members authorized to sign contractor agreements. 
  8. After you or the assigned signatory has put in the signature, click on Sign and send


  9. Our contractor subscription service costs $29 per contractor per month. To proceed, click on Continue.
    Note: if you are adding your first contractor, you may also be eligible for a Free 30-day trial. See more details here


  10. In the final step, you have the option to:
    • Edit the employment details or contract of this contractor.
    • Save the contractor's employment details as a draft. This allows you to invite the contractor at a later time.
    • Invite now. This will send an email to the contractor to begin onboarding and also sign their employment contract (if applicable).


How to invite a contractor at a later date

When you choose to save the contractor's employment details as a draft, you can invite them to your company account at a later date. You can do this from the Onboarding tab. 

  1. From your Remote dashboard, go to the Onboarding tab and click on the Contractors section. 
  2. If you're ready to invite the contract, click on Finish & invite. You will be given the opportunity to review the employment details (as outlined in Step 8 above) before inviting the contractor.


Once you invite the contract to your company account, you will no longer be able to make changes to the terms of their employment by yourself. To make any changes at this stage, you will need to reach out to us at

How to cancel a contractor's onboarding 

If the contractor hasn't started filling out their administrative details, you can cancel their onboarding from the Onboarding tab. 

    1. Go to the Onboarding tab.
    2. To go to the Contractors sections, click on Contractors.
    3. Click on the 3 dots icon.
    4. From the menu, choose Cancel onboarding.


    5. When the modal appears, choose Cancel onboarding.

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