Creating a bank account on Wise (formerly Transferwise)

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At Remote, we currently support contractor payouts in 65 currencies. We understand it can be frustrating if your preferred currency is not on this list, but there is a temporary solution as we work towards supporting more currencies.

This article will cover how to create a bank account on Wise. It's is not mandatory to use Wise when creating a bank account outside of your country of residence. 

Opening a currency balance on your Wise account

When you open a balance on Wise, this allows you to receive and hold funds in your desired currency. See also: How do I get account details?

To set up your bank account you need to: 

  • Log into the Wise website
  • On the homepage, click Open a balance


  • Choose your desired currency
  • Once this is created, you will be able to get the account details for the balance you've opened
  • The bank account details can then be added to your Remote profile.

See also: Can contractors add multiple bank accounts?




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