Does Remote generate Form 1099-NEC?

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Yes, Remote automatically pre-fills 1099-NEC forms for US-based companies with eligible US-based contractors at the beginning of January and sends an email notification to company admins when the forms are available for review in the platform.

Note that form 1099-NEC is generated based on the following criteria:

  • Company is based in the US, and its billing currency is USD.
  • Contractor is based in the US
  • Contractor was paid more than USD 600 in the previous tax year via the Remote platform.

To find out more about how Remote generates 1099-NEC, please see: How are 1099-NEC Forms generated in Remote? For general guidance and information on the form 1099-NEC, please see: What is the 1099-NEC tax form and how can I get one?

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