Why haven't I received the tax form 1099-NEC?

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Pre-filled tax forms 1099-NEC become available to company admins on January 1st. Once reviewed, these forms are sent to contractors via the Remote platform. There may be multiple reasons why the company or the contractor can not see the 1099-NEC forms.

If you are a company, please note that Remote will provide a pre-filled 1099-NEC form only if:

  • You and your contractor are both based in the US, and your billing currency is USD.
  • Your contractor was paid more than USD 600 in the previous tax year via the Remote platform.
  • It is January 1st, and our system can summarize the payments in the previous year.

If you are a contractor, please note that to receive a 1099-NEC:

  • You and your company both have to be based in the US to receive a 1099-NEC from Remote.
  • You need to have been paid more than USD 600 in the previous tax year via the Remote platform.
  • The company you are contracting needs to review and send your 1099-NEC form to you. Note that they can only do so after January 1st so please give them a few days. You will receive an email notification as soon as your company admin sends your 1099-NEC to you, and you will be able to find it under the “Documents” section.

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