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On Remote, it's possible to create a Custom field which allows you to match an employee with your internal system easily or to add additional information that is not part of Remote's standard employee fields. For example:

  • Internal (Company) ID
  • Cost code
  • Employee department

Company owners and Super admins can add, edit and delete Custom fields.
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In this article, we cover the following: 

How to add a Custom field

A Custom field can be added from the Company settings tab or the Personal details or Job section of an employee's profile.

To do this from Company settings

  1. Click on the Company settings tab and go to the Custom fields section.
  2. To add a new one, click on Add custom field.

  3. Fill out the details of the custom field. You can add any of the following fields types: 
    • Text: short text
    • Multiline text: Enter large blocks of text with line breaks
    • Date: Select a date from our date picker
    • Number: Input an integer
    • Yes/No
  4. Once you've completed the form, click on Save changes.

Fill out a Custom field

When you've created a Custom field, you can fill out the information for the field from the employee's profile. To do this: 

  1. Go to the Team tab and click on the employee's name to go to their profile.
  2. When you create a Custom field, it can either be a Personal details or Job custom field and this will determine will be located when you need to fill it out. In this example, a Custom field for Allergies was created so this is in the Personal details section of the employee's profile.
  3. From the Personal details section, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Edit.
  4. Add the allergies this employee has separating each one using a comma then click on Save changes.
  5. From this section, you can also edit the Custom field or add a new one.

Note: We do not monitor the Custom fields created and as such, we won't act on any information that affects payroll processing or time and attendance tracking.

Edit table to include Custom fields

Custom fields can be added to the Edit table menus so that you can easily download CSVs with this information. 

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