What do the different invoice statuses mean?

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At Remote, we bill our customers for contractors’ invoices and employees’ payroll (EOR). From the moment the invoice is created on the platform to the moment payment has been received by Remote, the invoice will go through several status changes.

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Payment statuses

  • Auto-payment: When you have ACH/SEPA direct debit as your default payment method, we automatically enroll you in automated payments. This status shows that Remote will attempt to automatically collect the invoice amount when due. 
  • Disputed: The payment method used to pay this invoice is no longer valid because of a disputed payment. Please resolve this with your bank, then contact us to re-enable this method.
  • Due: Your invoice payment is due in x days.
  • Overdue: Your invoice has not been paid on time. Please make your payment as soon as you can. Overdue payments can result in interruptions to your access to Remote services.
  • Paid: We have received payment that fully cover invoice amount.
  • Partially paidThis status indicates that we have received partial payment for your invoice that doesn’t cover the full amount due. Please contact us to confirm how you have left to pay.
  • Payment failed: If your payment fails, please try again, or contact us if you continue to have problems. 
  • Payment failed - partial failure: If the amount is greater than the Stripe limits, then the transaction is broken up into multiple installments. This status is set when one of the installments fail.
  • Payment processing: The payment is currently being processed by the payments system.

Credit statuses

  • Credit appliedCredit has been applied to an outstanding payment. The amount due on the payment has been reduced by the amount of the applied credit.
  • Credit availableThis indicates that the credit note amount has not been allocated to any open invoices or refunded.
  • RefundedYou've requested a refund following a payment dispute or following agreement with Remote after a credit note has been issued.

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