Who needs to track work hours?

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As an employee, the company you work for, your role, or location (e.g. country) may require that you regularly submit your hours worked for one or more reasons, including:

  • Compliance: Many jurisdictions have labor laws that regulate maximum working hours, minimum rest breaks, and other labor-related requirements. By tracking hours worked, Customers can ensure compliance with these laws and avoid potential legal issues.
  • Project management: Timesheets are often used to track the time spent on specific projects or tasks. This information can be useful for project management purposes, such as tracking progress, estimating future workloads, and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Correct pay: If you are an hourly worker, it’s important that you track your hours so you can be paid correctly. This includes tracking any overtime, if applicable.

Countries where time tracking is required:

When in doubt about tracking your hours worked, always check with your manager.

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