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As an employee, if you are required to track your hours worked in Remote, you should record this information on the Remote platform.

You can choose to enter your hours worked whenever it’s easier for you — for example, at the end of each day (what you record gets saved automatically) or week — but you should always submit the hours at the end of each week.

In this article, we will cover the following: 

How to submit hours worked

To enter and submit your hours worked:

  1. On your Remote dashboard, click on the Time tracking tab.
  2. For each block of time worked:

    • Find the correct date (e.g. Monday, May 1).
    • Enter a start time and an end time.
      Note: The platform pre-fills a default time of 9:00am and an end time of 5:00pm (17:00); you are responsible for changing these times to the hours you worked, if applicable.
      See also: Set your work schedule on Remote
    • Select the type of hours (e.g. regular hours, overtime hours, on-call hours, break time)
    • Optional: Add any notes about these hours.
  3. If applicable, you can add multiple time blocks per day by clicking the Add hours button.
  4. At the end of the week, ensure all hours are entered correctly and click Submit time. 


How to track on call hours or overtime hours'

You can track time that requires extra compensation — such as overtime or on-call hours — by making the correct selection from the drop-down menu.

  • If your timesheet only includes regular hours, it will go directly to the Remote Payroll team.
  • If your timesheet includes additional compensation, such as regular hours during holidays, nights, weekends, overtime, or on-call hours, it will first be sent to your manager for approval, then to the Remote Payroll team.

Remote currently only allows the tracking of regular hours, overtime hours, breaks, or on-call hours on timesheets. If you need to request time off (e.g. paid time off, sick leave, parental leave, public holidays), you should do so on the Time off tab.

See also: Request time off

How to track hours worked on a holiday

If you've put in a request for an Additional public holiday because this day is not automatically added to your calendar, or if a national holiday is automatically added to your time off calendar, the holiday hours will be reflected in your time tracking interface.

If you end up working (tracking worked hours) during one of these holidays, that timesheet will be sent to your manager for approval instead of directly to the Remote team for payroll processing. Your manager will be able to see that you worked on a holiday and will need to approve the extra hours worked.

To send holiday time for manager approval and payroll processing, you need to either:

  1. Enter hours worked on a national holiday (these show up on calendar automatically), or
  2. Request a regional or local holiday off as Additional public holiday on time off calendar and then enter hours worked on that day on time tracking calendar.
    See also: Request an additional local holiday

Public holiday with no hours worked


Public holiday with hours worked (the timesheet will be sent for customer approval)


Submitting your timesheet

To ensure accurate payroll calculations and timely payouts, you should submit your hours worked on a weekly basis. When applicable, the Remote Payroll team relies on the timesheets you submit through the platform to calculate and pay out extra compensation. 

You also have the option to set timesheets to automatically submit every week instead of having to remember to do it manually.

1. From the Time tracking tab, click Customize time settings.
2. Next to Timesheet submission, click Edit.
3. Select the Automatically option and choose the day of the week and time you want it to be automatically submitted. You can also choose to be notified via email each week.


For timesheets submitted after the payroll cutoff, any extra compensation will be pushed to the following payroll run.

See also: When is the payroll cutoff?

Edit submitted timesheet

Once you submit a timesheet, you can go back to make changes to it as long as it hasn't been processed yet. 

  1. From the Timesheet page, click on Edit timesheet.
  2. Make changes to the timesheet then click on Resubmit timesheet.

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