What are the invoice payment terms?

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Payment Terms

According to our Terms of Service, the standard payment terms are 14 days from the date of the invoice issuance.

Upon request and in exceptional cases, we may provide an extension of up to 30 days provided that you make a one-month reserve payment.

These terms apply uniformly across all invoices and are managed at the customer level, not by individual products.

Consequences of Late Payments

Timely payment of invoices is essential to maintain uninterrupted service. Failure to comply with the stated payment terms will result in escalating measures to manage the overdue account. These measures include:

  • Inability to add new employees and contractors.
  • Inability to approve expenses.
  • Inability to pay incentives.
  • Inability to pay contractor invoices.
  • Inability to request contract amendments.
  • Suspension of Contractor Management Plus indemnity coverage.
  • Offboarding of your Remote employees.

Additionally, multiple overdue payments may necessitate paying reserve invoices for all employees hired. What is a reserve payment?

To avoid these disruptions, please ensure all invoices are paid within the agreed terms. For any questions or to request a payment extension, please contact our support team.

Maintaining timely payments will ensure continued access to all our services without interruption.

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