Can a Customer cancel an automated invoice payment?

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Yes, as long as the invoice status is set to Payment scheduled. If you have automatic payments enabled, once we create your monthly invoice, the invoice status is set to Payment scheduled. To cancel a scheduled invoice payment, it has to be done before the invoice status switches to Collecting. To do this:

  1. On Remote, go to the Billing tab.
  2. Click on the invoice you'd like to cancel the automated payment for.


  3. On the invoice page, click on Cancel payment.


  4. When the modal pops up, click on Confirm cancel.

  5. When you refresh the invoice page, the payment status will change to Payment due. At this point, the scheduled invoice payment has been canceled and you're able to initiate the payment manually via any of the available payment methods.


This doesn't cancel your future automated invoice payments. If you prefer to cancel these, you need to disable auto pay on the Remote platform.

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