Can I offer an employee a salary in a different currency?

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When discussing salary with a prospective Employee, it's important to note two points: 

When offering non-local currency isn't possible

If you discuss salary expectations with an Employee in a currency different from their local one (e.g. USD or EUR), please be aware that:

  • When adding the Employee on Remote, you will be asked to input their salary in their local currency. To convert the USD or EUR amount you discussed with the Employee, you can use a currency converter of your choice.
  • You can also use the USD converter, available when adding an employee. This is an estimation, based on the Remote FX rate that might be subject to change over time.


  • Based on the above, the Employee's salary stated in their employment agreement/contract is a fixed amount in their local currency and will not fluctuate based on market conditions.
  • At Remote, we pay the Employee based on the amount and currency stated in their contract and we do not adjust this amount regularly to match the fluctuating market conditions. 
  • If the Employee's salary in their local salary becomes worth a lot less due to market conditions, the only way to adjust this is to submit a Salary Increase request on the Remote platform.
    See also: How to request changes to an employee's contract


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