How to request changes to an employee's contract

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When the details of an employee's contract need to be changed, a request for these changes needs to be made on Remote. This allows us to track changes more efficiently.
Contract amendment changes include: 

  • Change in job title
  • Change in salary or salary structure
  • Change in salary currency (if applicable)
  • Change in contract type (e.g from a fixed-term to an indefinite contract)
  • Change in the job description, etc
For a contract amendment request to be processed in the same month's payroll, we need to receive the details by the 5th of the month. If we receive the contract amendment request after the 5th of the month, the changes will reflect in the following month's payroll. 

How to submit a contract amendment request

To create a contract amendment request, you will need to go to the employee's profile from the Team tab. 

  1. Go to the Team tab and click on the employee's profile.


  2. From the employee's profile, click on theRequest changes button.


  3. When you click on the Contract Amendment button, it will prompt you to fill out the details of this change. 


  4. We have included a disclaimer which explains that these changes, once implemented, are binding and replace conflicting terms in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).


  5. You can preview the changes before submitting the request. When the request has been submitted, we will kickstart the process internally. 



Once we receive your request, we will create and share an amendment letter with the employee. If there's an error in the details you submitted, please reach out to or your assigned Customer Success Manager for further assistance. 


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