How automated amendments for salary increases work

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On Remote, it is possible to automatically process a salary increase amendment, making the entire process faster and more straightforward. In this article, we will cover: 

Conditions for automated salary increases amendments

An automated salary increase amendment is possible if: 

  • The only change requested is to the employee’s salary 
  • The request is for a salary increase, not a decrease
  • The salary increase would not result in a +15% increase to the employee’s salary over a 180-day period
  • The effective date of the change is in the future
  • The company account is not flagged for fraud
  • The employee is not in Germany, Indonesia, Ukraine, or Portugal (where wet signatures are required or other complications exist)
  • The employee does not have an existing, pending amendment

How to request an automated salary increase amendment

The automated salary increase amendment follows the same process as a contract amendment request. The difference being that, if an automated salary increase amendment is possible, you will see a notification at the top of the screen right before you submit the request. 


Once you click on Confirm and amend contract, several things will happen: 

  • We will add an amendment letter to the employee's Documents tab 
  • The employee will receive an email notification that their amendment letter has been uploaded to their profile
  • The request status will switch to Done


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