What is the invoicing process at Remote?

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As part of our ongoing effort to provide greater flexibility and transparency around your employment costs, we have refined our invoicing process to ensure:

  • Accuracy: Payroll numbers that reflect payroll costs
  • Predictability: Receiving your invoice on the same day every month
  • Flexibility: Having 14 days to pay your invoice

To achieve this, we have a 2-step invoicing process:

  1. On the 1st working day of the month, we issue a Pre-funding invoice.
    • This is used to cover payroll costs for the month.
    • You have 14 days to make payment.
  2. Around the 5th of the following month, after analyzing your actual costs for the billing period:
    1. If your Pre-funding invoice amount was lower than the actual costs incurred, we will issue a Reconciliation invoice for you to pay the difference; you will have 14 or 30 days to make payment depending on the agreed payment terms
    2. If your Pre-funding invoice amount was higher than the actual costs incurred, we will issue a Reconciliation Credit to be applied to your next invoice.
    3. If your Pre-funding invoice amount exactly matches the expenses incurred during that billing period, we will issue a 0 total reconciliation invoice, and no further action is required on your end.

Note: If you incur charges for any value-added services (i.e. off-payslip costs) like health checks, termination and legal fees, and a-la-carte mobility services, these will be invoiced separately on the 1st of the following month and due within 14 or 30 days depending on the agreed payment terms 

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